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Gourmet Ghee Butter

Rainbow Farms' Gourmet Ghee Butter uses plenty of luxurious ingredients. It is rich, it is creamy,  it is flavorful, and it can be perfectly paired with any meal. Turn you usual meal into a luxury one with our Gourmet Ghee Butter. It is also perfect for a special gift for a special someone.

Ghee Butter is made from pasture raised and grass-fed high-quality French milk, and it contains no preservatives and made with all-natural ingredients.


Black Truffle

Rainbow Farms' French Ghee Butter combined with plenty of savory black truffle. From the main dish to the side dish, it transform any dish into luxury dish.


Toasted Almond

Almonds' nutty and sweet aroma enhances sweetness and creaminess of Ghee Butter. Perfect for coffee, shakes or baking.

Roasted Garlic

Perfect combination of Garlic and Ghee Butter. It can be used for any occasion and the appetizing aroma of roasted garlic makes any meal a great one. 

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