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Ghee | Hot Apple Cider


- Apple juice 4 cups

- Cardamom 8 pieces

- Cinnamon stick 1 (break it into a few pieces)

- A slice of ginger (5cm)

- Clove (whole) 6 pieces

- Black pepper (whole) 1 small tablespoon

- Assam tea 4 bags

- Ghee 2 small tablespoon


1. Put all of them: Apple juice, cardamom, cinnamon stick, ginger, and black pepper into a pot and warm them until boiling (warm them up at medium heat first when you mixing them in a pot)

2. After boiling, lower your heat to the medium, and reduce the amount of total liquid into 70-80% of its portion (Don’t forget to mix them sometimes)

3. Remove from the heat, and put all tea bags in the pot, and wait for 5 min

4. Use tea strainer to filter them, and bring them back to heat and heat them up until it boil

5. Pour the drink in a cup

6. Add Ghee and stir


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