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Ghee | Moon Milk

Moon milk is hot milk mixed with Ayurveda herbs and spices to upgrade your regular hot milk to a different taste. It is better to drink a hot milk an hour before you go to bed.


- Ghee butter 1 table spoon

- Milk 240ml (Almond milk, Coconut milk is good too)

- Turmeric ½ small spoon

- Ginger powder ½ small spoon

- Cinnamon a pinch

- Cardamon a pinch

- Nutmeg a pinch

- Black pepper

- Saffron 

- Honey 1 or 2 table spoon


1. Put a ghee butter in a pan and heat it up with medium heat

2. After ghee is melted, put milk and all the ingredients except honey, and heat it until right before boils

3. Put in a cup and honey if you would like


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