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Ghee | Brown Rice and Ghee Cookies

Halloween is around the corner. Have you decided or planed what are you going to do to celebrate Halloween? We are introducing our special Halloween cookie recipe! We use brown rice flour and ghee butter to make them unique and healthy.


- Gluten free brown rice flour - 120 grams

- Baking powder - 2 grams

- Light brown sugar - 50g

- Rice bran oil - 35g

- Soy bean milk - 25cc

- Ghee butter - 1 small table spoon


1. Put Gluten free brown rice flours and baking powder into a bowl (bowl A)

2. Prepare another bowl(bowl B) and put everything from #3-6 in, and use egg beater to mix everything in bowl B

3. Add both bowl A and B and mix together with rubber spatula

4. Put flour on the cutting board and stretch the dough to 5mm thickness

5. Use mold to create your desired shapes

6. Put a kitchen paper in the pan and take out your shaped dough, and use oven toaster for 15 minutes with 180C


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