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Ghee | Chicken Ham with Carrot Sauce

With this dish you can enjoy low fat and high protein chicken ham as well as fresh taste of carrot sauce. It looks colorful and elegant so will be your best finger foods for next cocktail party!

Ingredients for Chicken Ham

- 1 slice of Chicken breast

- 1 large tablespoon of salt

- Black pepper

Ingredients for Carrot Sauce

- 60 ml of Ground carrot

- 1 large tablespoon of Vinegar

- 1 large tablespoon of Olive oil

- 1 small tablespoon of Ghee Butter

- Black pepper


1. Peel skin of a chicken breast, put salt and pepper and leave it in refrigerator for 1 hour.

2. Mix ground carrot, vinegar, olive oil, Ghee butter and black pepper in a bowl.

3. Wrap cold chicken breast with saran wrap and put them in boiling water for 15 min. Stop the heat and leave them in hot water another 10 min. Sliced chicken and it is ready to serve.

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