Ghee | Deviled Eggs

Do you guys like deviled eggs? Deviled eggs are made from boiled eggs, great for appetizers in many occasions, and we have a new recipe, which arranges with ghee butter. Our recipe will add up more rich and creamy taste than a regular deviled eggs for sure!

Ingredients (10 pieces)

- Eggs (5)

- Avocado (½)

- Lemon juice (1 small table spoon)

- Olive oil (1 small table spoon)

- Ghee butter (½ small table spoon)

- Salt (a hint of it)

- Black pepper (a hint of it)

- Pickles

- Mini tomatoes


1. Boil all eggs for 15 minutes

2. After boiling, take out all the shells, cut every egg in a half, and divide all yolk and white eggs (If it’s unstable, you could cut the bottom of white eggs to stabilize its balance)

3. Take a bowl, and put yolk and lemon juice, olive oil, ghee butter, salt, and black pepper all together and mix them in a bowl. After mixing them together, and put them on each white egg

4. For your final step, you put each egg on individual spoon and decorate with pickles and mini tomatoes