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Ghee | Onion Soup


- Onion 4 pieces (sliced)

- Chicken broth (480ml)

- Beef broth (480ml)

- Ghee 4 big tablespoon

- Garlic 5 pieces (diced)

- Salt and pepper (a hint of it each, your preference)

- Goat cheese (topping, preference)


1. Warm up you pan with medium heat, and put all ghee. After ghee melted, stir sliced all onion

2. Stir onions until they turn into lightly brown

3. Bring an additional bowl, and put both broths, and garlics in

4. Put black peppers and salt to add a taste, turn your heat up till it boils

5. After it boils, let it sit for 50 minutes with a low heat

6. Put a goat cheese topping for your preference


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