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Ghee | Pumpkin and Gnocchi Gratin

It's almost Halloween! We have a great Halloween party food recipe for you guys!



- Pumpkin 300g

- Yolk 1

- Flour 50g

- Rice flour 60g


1. Wrap a whole pumpkin and put it in microwave for 10 minutes, and take out inside of it

2. Bring a bowl and put a hollowed pumpkin (no seeds) in, and put 1 yolk , flour, rice flour, and knead them together

3. Boil the water, and make a gnocchi shape with each piece and put them in the boil water



- Eringi 80g

- Mushroom 50g

- Beacon 3 pieces

- Corn 60g

- Ghee butter 1 tablespoon

- Flour 20g

- Soy milk 350cc

- Cheese As much as you want

- Black pepper as much as you want

- Salt as much as you want


1. Put a ghee butter in a pan and stir fry everything listed on the Gratin

2. Put a flour in a pan, pour soy milk to separate a few time, and adjust taste with salt and black pepper

3. Put #2 in a pumpkin and put gnocchi and cheese on top of it and bake it 20 minutes with 200 Celsius


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