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Ghee | Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Open Sandwich

A Pumpkin contains great source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals, and Sweet potato has lots of fibers. Sweet potato matches really well with Pumpkin, and they are tasty, healthy and have lots of nutrition. Please try our delicious Pumpkin and Sweet Potato open sandwich recipe for your favorite snack time!

Ingredients (Serving 2 people)

- Peeled Pumpkin (200 grams)

- Peeled Sweet potato (100 grams)

- 6 slices of a French baguette

- 3 grinded Almonds

- 3 grinded Cashew nuts

- 3 grinded Walnuts

- A pinch of Parsley

- Cream cheese (2 tea spoons)

- Ghee butter (1 tea spoon)

- Black pepper (A pinch)


1. Spread a knob of Ghee butter on each French baguette, and toast them

2. Mash Pumpkin and Sweet potato

3. Mix mashed Pumpkin and Sweet potato and add cream cheese, Ghee butter, black pepper, almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts

4. Put #3, and a pinch of Parsley on the top of each toast


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