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Ghee | Salad with Creme Cheese and Japanese Persimmon

This dessert salad with cream cheese and Japanese persimmon will decorate your meal with colorful orange and is going to be a great dish for your party events!


- 1 Japanese persimmon

- Few raisins

- 2 small tablespoon of cream cheese

- ⅔ large tablespoon of honey

- ½ small tablespoon of Ghee butter

- Few lemon juice

- 2 basils

- Few Italian parsley

- Few sugar powder

- Few Cinnamon powder


1. Scoop out fruits inside of a Japanese persimmon, and dice cut them

2. Prepare a bowl and put cream cheese, honey, ghee butter, and lemon juice all together, then mix well

3. Put persimmon and raisins in a bowl from #2

4. Prepare a dish, put scooped out persimmon on, and decorate them with basils and parsley

5. Lastly, put some sugar powders and cinnamon powders!


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