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Ghee | Parfait with Granola and Mascarpone

Ingredients (5 pieces)

- Granola 100g


- Mascarpone 200g

- Cream cheese 25g

- Egg yolk 2 pieces

- Ghee butter 1 small tablespoon

- Honey 1 small tablespoon


- Egg white 2 pieces

- Sugar 15g

- Sweet saki 2 table spoon


- Cocoa powder (a hint of it)

- Dry fruits

- Raisin


1. Prepare a bowl and put <A> in, and mix everything together

2. Get another bowl, put 2 egg whites, and mix them with a foam mixer. When they get foamy enough, put all <B> ingredients into the bowl with 3 separate times to make a meringue.

3. Put #2 into #1 bowl and mix them.

4. Prepare a individual parfait container, and set granora inside, and put <3> on top. (you do this twice to make a layer in each container)

5. Sprinkle a cocoa powder on top of each parfait, and put your favorite dry fruits, and raisins


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